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We at DOSHI SEWING MACHINERY (M) SDN. BHD. believe that service after sales is the most important factor in any industry.

Therefore, we have designed the perfect strategy to overcome the obstacles that our customers are bound to encounter over the years. We now have a sales and service centre in the heart of the city, located in Petaling Jaya with an expert team of highly skilled and trained professionals.

With the experience that we have gained in the past 55 years in the “Sewing Machine Spare Parts” Industry, we find the next best thing to do would be to give our customers the best service and maintenance possible, at the most affordable prices.

DOSHI SEWING MACHINERY (M) SDN. BHD also makes it a point that our crew is constantly updated with the latest gadgets and service techniques available, from around the world. We have sent our crew to the likes of Japan, Korea & China to learn from the best, in order to give you, our clients the BEST.


As mentioned earlier, we sell not one, not two, BUT all the brands that are available in the market today.

Therefore, we would need the expertise and knowledge of all these machines. DON’T WORRY. WE HAVE THAT EXPERTISE.

Starting from MARCH 2009, we have gained the manpower of one of the BEST professionals that has been around the industry for 30 over years. We now do overhauls and upkeeps of all types and brands of sewing machines.

We will turn your old, aged, rusty machines, back into the form that you first bought them in, if not better. We will recondition your machine in such a way that you will get the best value for money.

This is because we at DOSHI SEWING MACHINERY (M) SDN. BHD. do not believe in the saying “Out With The Old, In With THe New”, to us OLD IS GOLD, and we never advice our customers to rid of their machines, instead we overhaul it, and recondition it, and voila… IT’S WORKING WONDERS AGAIN.

Try us today, and you shall see the difference. We are not just any sewing machine dealers.